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History of the Recorder

My first and ongoing project is the study and historical performance of music using archeologically informed instruments and techniques. For example, for Medieval music I use recorders modeled after a small 14th century instrument recently unearthed in Tartu, Estonia. The playing requirements and sound of these recorders is quite unique; they seem designed precisely for the music of the time. The same goes for my other instruments as well. Being that much closer to such early people & their culture enlivens the music; it’s a bit of forgotten beauty reborn into the present. Contact.

An Invitation

Seeking recorder players and other musicians to participate in projects geared towards performance. Ability is not a big deal; desire is. There’s plenty of music for serious musicians of any ability. Following are some projects I have in mind; but I would like to hear your ideas as well. And I would like to hear from accompanists as well.

Concertos & Sonatas

Recorder & Flute Simultaneously

In the future I’d like to participate in a concert that includes this instrumentation, of which Hunt, Linde, and Lasoki have written on. Here’s a list:

Modern Music Projects

All of these compositions are of intermediate level, albeit with lots of room for finesse and style.

More Projects

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